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Worldwide Representation: Lemonade Illustration Agency


I’m a graphic designer, lettering artist & illustrator currently based in São Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Visual Arts, I have been freelancing in two languages (English and Portuguese) for private clients, agencies and studios from the US, Canada and Brazil.

When not working on commercial lettering work, I'm usually writing on my blog or newsletter, or cooking while singing out loud (very bad singer here). She's also the creator of Thanking Around and Lettering to Anxiety series.

After a few years as a digital nomad and a very minimalist person, I found out the love for teaching and helping others to find their own path, but don't appreciate geographic barriers, so I decided to open online mentorship sessions for feedbacks or career advice, and created a Skillshare class about lettering, so you can learn from wherever you are!


ICONIC Network, Lotto Max Canada, Coat of Arms Post.

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